Bok Sing Hardware Paints Pte Ltd

No. 11 Tuas Bay Close, #01-07, Singapore 636996

These 30 over years of experiences and knowledge had made “Bok Sing/Bok Seng” a premier household name in many industrial sectors.

BSE Electrical Supplies Pte Ltd

Blk 5 Pioneer Rd Nth #01-27, Singapore 628458

With the rise of the internet, comes the availability of tutorial videos that can teach you how to execute your own electrical work. And that’s a good thing, because it can help both beginners and professionals alike to touch up on their technical knowledge. However, before you can get started on tinkering away with your latest project, you will need to gather the supplies required. And if scavenging one shop to the next for goods is not something you personally enjoy, then you can just get the items you need from BSE Electrical Supplies Pte Ltd instead.