KM Kinley Marketing Pte Ltd

KM Kinley Marketing Pte Ltd is the proud maker of the Cobolt brand. The products under such brand involves a wide range of ventilation, blowers, fans, and equipment being used not only in various industries within Singapore but also outside it. We also specialize in customizing any of our products to meet your needs.

Apart from Cobolt products, our company is also the maker of other brands including Pneumatic Hi-speed Mucking Winches and Dyken Water Driven and Pneumatic Driven gas freeing fans. We are experienced in the direct sales of marine and offshore equipment in Singapore, servicing the entire South East Asia. We have reliable distributors and agents within our supply chain.

Based in Singapore, our 40,000 sq. ft.-facility allows us to design, assemble, and test our products prior to sales. We commit ourselves to consistently deliver quality services and supply our clients with high quality equipment that put focus on maximum safety and performance.

Our Brands

KM Kinley Marketing Pte Ltd
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