VF Fastening Systems Pte Ltd

What started out as a general trading company in 1992 became a specialized distribution company for fasteners and hardware. VF Fastening Systems Pte Ltd has gone through a lot to achieve the kind of success that we are enjoying right now.

Our goal is to provide you with a total solution, focusing on our products and customer support. With our dedication to achieving our goal, we have gained exclusive distributorship for various manufacturers around the world like the USA, England, Italy and Taiwan, to name a few.

A lot of industries benefit from the products and services that we provide such as electronics, construction, shipbuilding, automotive, and more. Due to the diversity and uniqueness of our clients, their needs vary. We always take enough time to listen and discuss your needs. This way, we can effectively meet them and serve you better.

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VF Fastening Systems Pte Ltd
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