Sea Contractor (S) Pte Ltd

Do you enjoy heading to the sea? Then perhaps it’s time that you invest in some quality gear for your next trip. Although the sea (and other bodies of water) may seem calming in retrospect, the relaxing ambiance it boasts can quickly turn threatening if you get caught in a natural disaster or accident. While it’s true that you may not always be able to predict these events, having an efficient set of quality equipment will give you a better chance of remaining protected against harm or injury.

Obtain the gear you need from Sea Contractor (S) Pte Ltd today. Beginning in 1970, we have come a long way from being a manufacturer of pilot and hardwood ladders. Now, not only have we gained the title of being one of the top ladder manufacturers in our region, but we have also branched out into supplying safety equipment for boats, netting, general deck equipment, and other related products; all of which able to comply with international standards. What do you need? We’ll gladly provide you the best of what we have to offer.

Our Brands

  • CODIPRO - Swivel Lifting Rings
  • HELIMESH - Safety Net
  • HYE WOO - Stainless Steel Scupper Plugs
  • SCS - Ladders & Accessories, Nettings, Rigging, Life Boat Safety & General Deck Equipment
  • SCS SEAMASTER - Pilot Ladder, Embarkation Ladder, Rope Ladder, Etc
Sea Contractor (S) Pte Ltd
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