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Automation makes everything easier. Just look around you. Technology has come a long way in improving the quality of life that we have enjoyed through the years. And as time continues to pass, more advancements are discovered, implemented, and put into practice. What makes automation such a great thing is that it not only hastens certain processes, but it also removes human error, and allows us to place our focus away from menial tasks and unto more pressing matters. Furthermore, automation comes with many applications. One of which is marine automation – the expertise of Uni Marine Services Pte Ltd.

Having been established since 2006, we have administered the marine industry with several specialized technical services and customized products. Apart from that, we also have a dedicated team that aims to deliver complete automation, as well as, calibration and installation services to numerous marine and process industries that are based in Singapore and within the Southeast Asian region.

We’re a skillful one-stop-shop for all your automation needs. Let us and our engineers offer you comprehensive support that will continually benefit you through the years.

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