Advanced Global Resources Pte Ltd

Advanced Global Resources is a Professional Engineering Service Company specialized in all kinds of Pipe Processing Machine & Diamond Tools in Singapore. One of main products is QingYang Pipe Threading Machine, QingYang Pipe Grooving Machine, QingYang Hydraulic Pipe Cutter.

Our Pipe Threading Machine covers the full range from 1/2″ to 6″, which can be used to handle GI pipe or Ductile Iron Pipe. QingYang Pipe Grooving Machine has two types, one can handle up to 6″, and the other one can handle the pipe till 12″. QingYang Hydraulic Pipe Cutter which can be used to cut up to 12″ GI pipe or DI Pipe. QingYang Pipe Coring Machine which can be used to drill up to a 125mm hole on the Diameter 80~300mm GI Pipe.

Advanced Global Resources also provides a full range of spare parts and Repair Service for all the machines. The latest product is Kentanium Die Set developed specially for handling Ductile Iron Pipe, whose life time is up to 10 times higher compared to normal Die Set. AGR another main product is Diamond Tools, included Diamond Coring Machine, Diamond Core Bit and Diamond Saw Blade. The Diamond Core Bit are mainly three-portion types, which provide an economic solution for customers on daily concrete coring work, we differentiate our products with others by Faster Coring Speed (2~3 minutes a core) and Cheaper Price (just half or 1/3 of the price compared to Japanese product or US product). AGR Diamond Core Bit can be used on most Diamond Coring Machine in the market from China, Japan, Europe and US.

We cater to the needs of companies in Singapore and other countries within our coverage. Check out our services today!

Our Brands

  • AGP - Diamond Coring Machine, Diamond Core Bit/Diamond Saw Blade
  • BOSUN - Diamond Coring Machine/Diamond Core Bit/Diamond Saw Blade
  • QINGYANG - Pipe Threading & Grooving Machine/Hydraulic Pipe Cutter
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