Handy Container (S) Pte Ltd

1 Sophia Rd #05-23 Peace Centre, Singapore 228149


Shipping containers are commonly used to transport and hold all kinds of goods. But because of their sturdy build and spacious size, they can actually be repurposed into offices, rooms, guard houses, workers’ quarters, medical labs, kitchens, clubhouses, and others. In fact, a container space can almost be anything you want it to be. However, would using these containers as a living space even be comfortable? Well, with the right modifications from Handy Container (S) Pte Ltd, it most certainly can be.

Aside from furnishing containers into habitable rooms, we can also provide you with the option to customize them according to your liking. Such options for customization include the installation of an air conditioning system, platform staircase access, explosion proofing, and a whole lot more. A good number of different industries make use of our services. Companies that often do work related with construction, marine, medical, aviation, and military are among our top clients.

Handy Container (S) Pte Ltd
1 Sophia Rd #05-23 Peace Centre
Singapore 228149