Hi-Feed Automation Pte Ltd

Hi-Feed is widely recognized for their skills and expertise in the industry. The company uses leading-edge technology and expertise to design and fabricate high-speed feeding systems so as to complement his client’s parent equipment and machine. Hi-Feed aims to have the most efficient design and provide high quality products such as: Vibratory Bowls Feeder, Centrifugal Feeder, Linear feeder.

Hi-Feed also provides Pre-Feeder, Storage Hopper, Escapement Unit and other necessary equipment to the manufacturing and automation industry. In order to achieve its goals, Hi-Feed is dedicated to make all operations smooth and ensure that the customer’s requirements and interests will always be the primary concern. Every feeder is designed in different size and variation to suit individual possible application.

Therefore, every Hi-Feed product is carefully designed by the expertise engineers and is so successful in making the functional strength most efficient and accurate. Moreover, these high quality and low maintenance parts feeding systems have been recognized by multinational corporations, such as the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing industry and other assembly needs to meet customer requirements.


Mr T. F Tan is the founder of the successful company: Hi-Feed Automation Pte Ltd. Mr Tan places his technical skills and customer dealings on a prominent level of his business. His indomitable spirit is his drive for success. Such beliefs and attitudes motivate him to spend a lot of time and effort in the research and development work, so as to bring the best benefit of his manufactured products to his valuable customers. Therefore, he developed and launched the feeding system in 1981 and focus on business expansion over the years.

In addition, he has his own philosophy of life. He believes that, putting our heart into doing the best things can bring own satisfaction in life, and this is his life’s purpose. It is important to gain valuable experience and kills from the process and continue to practice it, so that it can be applied in the next encounter.

Take hold of every business opportunity is a challenging yet a lifelong accomplishment. Do not give up on opportunity that knocks on your door. Learn the techniques, master your skills. There would not be a second trust given to you again. We should seize every opportunity presented to us, because that may be a turning point in our life.


“Persevere through hard times and constant breakthrough is always required in this dynamic society” is Mr Tan’s own unique set of business philosophy. 64 this year, he uses those words at all times, aiming to encourage himself continue in achieving his goals.

Although he believes that business expansion is important, it is secondary as compared to providing high-quality products to his valuable customers. With this belief, he continuously strives to innovate and progress, hoping to provide customers with better services.

Our Brands

  • DAISHIN - Vibratory Bowl Feeders, Part Feeders, Linear Feeders & Controller
  • FEED - Vibratory Bowl Feeders, Part Feeders, Linear & Hopper Feeders & Controller Parts Elevators
  • RNA - Vibratory Bowl Feeders, Part Feeders, Linear Feeders, Controller
  • SANKI - Vibratory Bowl Feeders, Part Feeders, Linear Feeders & Controller
  • SHINKO - Vibratory Bowl Feeders, Part Feeders, Linear Feeders, Controller
Hi-Feed Automation Pte Ltd
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