Hiap Teck Metal Co (1968 Pte) Ltd

When you want to build something that lasts a long time, you have to invest in the right materials from the get-go. Otherwise, the cost and effort spent to construct it will only be put to waste. But what kind of materials should you use to ensure the success of an infrastructure? The answer is simple: steel.

Hiap Teck Metal Co (1968 Pte) Ltd is one of the leading hardware wholesalers in Singapore. We offer a variety of steel products that are useful in strengthening the foundation of buildings, bridges, underground tunnels, and other related projects. With a long history that has been painted with both quality and dedication to service, you can rest assured that the products we have on stock are set to meet your standards.

Why don’t you discuss your construction plans with us today? We have knowledgeable sales experts that can guide you in choosing the materials that you will need.

Hiap Teck Metal Co (1968 Pte) Ltd
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