HICOP Contractor Pte Ltd

1045 Eunos Avenue 4, #01-124 Singapore 409795

CLASSIFICATIONS: Awnings Wood Decking

As a full-service and experienced awning contractor, you can count on HICOP Contractor Pte Ltd to offer professional residential services and quality results – every step of the way. From small residential quick fixes to large residential projects, we offer unparalleled commitment and exceptional results in everything that we do. Whether you want to add an awning, a fencing, or if you would like to build a sunroom, you can rely on us to provide professional, cost-effective services.

We will work closely with you to assess, plan, design, and develop the project. We effectively manage on-site personnel, provide and provision necessary utilities, and operate in an efficient and safe manner. We will also carefully monitor cash-flow and scheduling, and provide you with regular updates and detailed project reporting every step of the way.

All of our projects are executed with the utmost care. Our affiliate engineers and architects lay the foundation for projects, and then our skilled craftsmen complete the work according to your exact specifications. We leverage our experience and expertise to keep ourselves at the forefront of contracting and construction excellence.

HICOP Contractor Pte Ltd
1045 Eunos Avenue 4, #01-124
Singapore 409795