Leesonmech Singapore Pte Ltd

Are you in need of a supplier of pumps, valves, instrumentation, as well as, control and safety products that are designed to be used in chemical industries, refineries, construction, and other related areas? Leesonmech Singapore Pte Ltd can give you what you need.

We are a distributor that has a regional presence in several areas including (but are not limited to) Singapore, Malaysia (both East and West), Thailand, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Ivory Coast. In addition to that, we are also a representative of Okumura (Japan), Meidinger (Switzerland), Speck Pumpen (Germany), and Yasiki (Malaysia). With our international prominence, you can trust that the stocks we can deliver are always of a good standard.

In addition to what has been already mentioned above, the products that we offer are suitable for use in several projects and areas such as in Building & HVAC industries, engineering, water works, water treatments, oil refineries, gas refineries, etc. We also do business with dealers and handle both maintenance and replacement orders. Tell us what you require for your upcoming project. We will gladly discuss your options with you. Call us.

Our Brands

  • AUTOMA - Gate, Globe, Check, Ball Valves, Y-Strainer & Actuators
  • BARBI - Piping, Multi-Layer Pipes, Eco Piping, IxPress Piping, MechFit Piping
  • BLANSOL - Multi-Layer Piping, Eco Piping, Ixpress Piping,MechFit Piping
  • COCOON - Fittings, One Push Press Fittings, IxPress Fittings, MechFit, Elbow Fittings, Tee Fittings
  • FORBES MARSHALL - Control Valve, Desuperheater Piston Valves, Pressure Reducing Stations
  • HITELFI - Marine Level Switch , Marine Gauges, Sight Glass, Level Gauge, Orifice Plate, Venturi Tube
  • HMK - Steam Traps, Separator, Sight Glass
  • MALGORANI - Pressure Reducing Valve
  • MEIDINGER - Centrifugal Blower/Fan (Atex Certified)
  • M-FLEX - Rubber Expansion Join, Bellows, Rubber Sheet, Rubber Bellows
  • MMA - Balancing Valve
  • OKM - Manual Butterfly Valves, Automatic Butterfly Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Pinch Valves
  • OKUMURA - Knife Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve
  • OR (OFFICINE RIGAMONTI) - Pressure Reducing Valves, Safety Valves
  • OSAKA SANITARY - Manual & Pneumatic Sanitary Valves
Leesonmech Singapore Pte Ltd
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