Misuzu Machinery Co Ltd

80 Robinson Road #10-01A,  Singapore 068898

Headed by President and Chief Executive Officer Takashi Yamaguchi, Misuzu Machinery Co Ltd started to supply variety of marine products and logistics-related products in March 1949. These products and services are divided into six groups wherein each group develops and manufactures original products. These include Marine Technology Group 1, Marine Technology Group 2, Marine Machinery Group, Tokyo Machinery Group, Transtem Group and Maintenance Group.

As one of the leading solution provider for marine needs, Misuzu Machinery Co Ltd ensures to meet every customer’s requirements by giving the best quality products and services they need. Our excellent people who have vast knowledge and experience in marine industry will help in meeting your needs.

The following are some of the products we offer:

  • Cargo / Ballast Valve Control Systems
  • Manual Hydraulic Remote Controller
  • Electric Hydraulic Device for Ballast / Bilge / Cargo
  • Pneumatic-Hydraulic Pump Valve Control Unit
  • Ship Overdoor
  • Motorized valves
  • Pneumatic valves
Misuzu Machinery Co Ltd
80 Robinson Road #10-01A
Singapore 068898