Richport Technology Pte Ltd

Richport Technology Pte Ltd was first established in 1995 to provide small scale electro-plating service to some of the low end industries. However, as the business expands and to better serve our customers who now demand better and higher end plating services, we decided to relocate to a larger premises at 107 Neythal Road in Singapore which covers an area of more than 50,000 sq. ft. With this enlarged space, we are able to provide an integrated solution to most of the plating requirements of our customers which include many well-established names in precision engineering, contract manufacturing, metal stamping and automation industries. Recently, we are also moving into the medical and biomedical industries in providing high quality electro-polishing, passivation and cleaning services.


The Company aims to be a leading provider of a wider range of electro-plating service so as to meet the varied needs of our customers. The Company will strive to improve our various plating processes and achieve better quality, on time delivery and lower costing for the benefit of our customers.

As a provider of electroplating and other related services, we can give you a hand in keeping your machinery and equipment protected from corrosion and damage; allowing it to further withstand the test of time. We provide integrated solutions at a cost-effective price to a number of clients, including but not limited to those involved in medical and biomedical industries, precision engineering, automation industries, metal stamping, and contract stamping. You can rely on us to deliver you the service that you need. We have been accredited with the ISO 9001 and ISO 140001, signifying that we can compete with international standards.

Richport Technology Pte Ltd
107 Neythal Rd
Singapore 628595