Shelton (S) Pte Ltd

5A & 7 Kaki Bt Rd 3 Eastpoint Terrace, Singapore 417826


Shelton (S) Pte Ltd is a top provider of HVAC equipment in Singapore. We are among the leading manufacturers of chillers, not only in our country, but also around Asia. Our company was founded upon the desire to provide quality, efficient, and long-lasting products that earn the loyalty of the people we serve. Among the many milestones that our company has achieved is the development of Asia’s first variable speed inverter chiller.

Partnering with us means you’re guaranteed top-quality products every single time. We are an organization that is enduringly committed to innovation, constantly finding ways to deliver industry-relevant and energy-saving HVAC products.

Among the products we fabricate are:

Industrial Air Coolers
Water Cooled Chillers
Heat Recovery Chillers
Inverter Chillers
Heat Pumps
And Much More
We leverage our more than three decades of serving the industry, highlighted by our constant involvement in industrial and commercial projects, to deliver no less than exceptional services.

Our wide range of capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Supplying, installing, and designing of AC systems for commercial and industrial projects.
The designing and building of chillers
Control systems, production facility set-up
BMS control systems for ACMV
Heat recovery and energy conservation
Using heat pipes and heat reclamation systems to obtain optimal energy efficiency

Our Brands

  • CAREL - Air Conditioning Controls & Monitoring Systems
  • SHELTON - Chillers
Shelton (S) Pte Ltd
5A & 7 Kaki Bt Rd 3 Eastpoint Terrace
Singapore 417826