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We need power to get work done. But more often than not, power isn’t always readily available where we need it to be. As a working solution to this dilemma, the principle of power transmission was invented. But what is power transmission really all about? To give you a better understanding of the concept, power transmission is defined as the movement of energy from its place of origin towards its designated area of application (in order to complete various types of work). With power transmission being set into motion, operations would be able to run more smoothly and there would be a significant increase in productivity. But how is power transmission even made possible? It is achieved with the help of power transmission products. Common examples of instruments used for power transmission include pulleys, belts, couplings, etc. All of these items and more, available at Tsubaco Singapore Pte Ltd.

Our company has been a firm believer in the importance of power transmission for more than 101 years. And because of that, we have continually strived to develop and integrate machine efficiency across multiple industries by providing clients with optimum products solutions for their systems.

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