Union Forklift Pte Ltd

Union Forklift Pte Ltd belongs to the Union Heng Forklifts Services’ group of companies that was established on May 22, 1998. Our competitive advantage is truly based on the proper selection strategy which pertains to the supply of main power units and components. The excellent innovation and development program is tirelessly supported all through the years by the company’s existence. In addition to these is the raising of quality and uniqueness as a great priority in our business activity.

We are strongly committed in providing every customer with products that have superior value. The forklifts that we offer are recognized for their excellent design and outstanding performance. Our company ensures that every product and service that we present will meet or even exceed every customer’s requirement and specification.

Union Forklift Pte Ltd offers vast array of forklift trucks with different uses and load capacities. We have high quality forklifts that are manufactured by Heli.

From our smallest to the highest lifting truck, our aim is to provide clients with the most efficient, reliable, safest and productive trucks for numerous applications. At Union Forklift Pte Ltd, every customer can always expect quality products and excellent service all the time.

Our products and services include:

Our Service

  • Sale Of Forklift ( Brand new and reconditioned )
  • Forklift Rental ( Brand new and reconditioned )
  • Forklift Repair and service for all brand
  • Forklift Spare Parts for all brand
  • Tyres replacement

Our Products

  1. New Heli Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck (Capacity Ranging From 1-16 Tonnage)
  2. New Heli Battery Powered Counterbalanced Forklift Truck (Lead Acid Capacity Ranging From 1-3.5 Tonnage)
  3. New Heli Battery Powered Counterbalanced Forklift Truck (Lithium Battery Capacity Ranging From 1-10 Tonnage)
  4. Heli Warehouse Equipment
  5. Reconditioned Battery, Diesel Forklift Truck
  6. Rental Forklift Truck Service
  7. Repair, Maintenance And Servicing Forklift Truck & Reach Truck
  8. Tyre And Spare Part
Union Forklift Pte Ltd
7A Tuas South Avenue 10, T99
Singapore 637012