We offer Anodizing Coating Service according to your needs.

Anodizing Coating Services and Anodizing (Hard and Optical)

We offer Anodizing Coating Service according to your needs. Richport Technology makes use of our expertise in anodizing for increasing the natural thickness of natural oxide layers on different metal surfaces for a decorative, corrosion-resistant, and durable finish. We are highly capable of anodizing aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and other nonferrous materials.

Types of Anodizing

Type –II Type-III and Electrolytic Coloring

  • Anodic coatings are protective against corrosion and abrasion
  • Decorative – can be dyed to different colors after anodizing

Type –II Type-III

  • Base for paints and other organic finishes
  • Provides electrical insulation. Breakdown voltage of anodizing varies from few volts to several thousand volts

The anodizing process is performed by our experienced and highly trained technicians. They are knowledgeable in process controls, as well, including in-house daily bath analysis, pre-programmed rectifier, and temperature and pH alarm.

Our anodizing coating service, anodizing hard & optical service, and more are ideal for companies in Singapore with products that are subjected to marine environments most of the time. Some examples include oil rig structures and ship hulls.

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Richport Technology Pte Ltd provides an integrated solution to most of the plating requirements of our customers which includes precision engineering, contract manufacturing, metal stamping and automation industries. Recently, we are also moving into the medical and biomedical industries in providing high quality electro-polishing, passivation and cleaning services.

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