Omega Air's Dew Point Sensor – the OS 212, OS 215, and OS 220, engineered to provide reliable and long-term stable dew point monitoring in various industrial applications.

Dew Point Sensor

Omega Air’s Dew Point Sensor – the OS 212, OS 215, and OS 220, engineered to provide reliable and long-term stable dew point monitoring in various industrial applications. Manufactured by Omega Air, these sensors utilize advanced technology to deliver superior measurement signals, especially in low-moisture environments, ensuring accurate and dependable measurements. The inclusion of a protective sinter cap shields the sensor from dust and particles, guaranteeing stable measurement performance and minimizing maintenance requirements.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Measurement Signals: The sensor technology employed in Omega Air’s Dew Point Sensors (OS 212, OS 215, OS 220) ensures superior measurement signals, particularly in low-moisture applications. This feature enables precise and reliable dew point monitoring in a variety of industrial settings.
  2. Sinter Cap for Protection: Each sensor comes equipped with a protective sinter cap, offering defense against dust and other particles. This not only safeguards the sensor but also contributes to stable measurements over the long term, minimizing the need for extensive maintenance.
  3. Versatile Applications: Omega Air’s Dew Point Sensors find application in a range of industrial scenarios, including general compressed air systems, compressed air dryers, sensitive equipment, plastic injection process resin drying, blow molding processes, and medical gases in hospitals. Their versatility makes them adaptable to diverse operational requirements.
  4. Compact Design for Easy Integration: The compact design of the sensors simplifies their integration into various applications. Whether used in compressed air systems, dryers, or medical gas monitoring, the sensors’ compact form factor ensures ease of installation and flexibility in placement.
  5. Precise Measurements for Long-Term Stability: These sensors deliver precise measurements, ensuring long-term stable results. The accuracy and stability of the measurements contribute to the reliability of dew point monitoring, making them essential for maintaining optimal conditions in industrial processes.
  6. Low Dew Point Capability (OS 220): The OS 220 variant of Omega Air’s Dew Point Sensors boasts a remarkable low dew point capability, reaching down to -100 °C Td. This exceptional feature makes the OS 220 particularly suitable for applications demanding extremely low dew point levels.

Omega Air’s Dew Point Sensors stand as a testament to precision, reliability, and adaptability in dew point monitoring. With their superior technology, protective features, and application versatility, these sensors are a valuable addition to industrial setups requiring accurate and stable dew point measurements.

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