We offer Electroless Nickel Coating Services in Singapore.

Electroless Nickel Coating Services

We offer Electroless Nickel Coating Services in Singapore.  Electroless Nickel Coatings are alloys of nickel and phosphorus (3% to 12%) produced by autocatalytic chemical reaction at elevated temperature from acidic solution.

Through our thorough electroplating process, we can make thin nickel coatings for your products or materials. We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to create durable, reliable, and high quality coatings for our clients.

Whatever application you will be using the materials for, you can count on Richport Technology to deliver. A team of well-trained staff oversees and performs the works. We also check the quality of each material created. This way, our clients only receive the best electroless nickel coating service, nickel plating, electroplating and more from our team!

Other features:

  • EN coating is good resistance to corrosion, wear and to high temperature up to 500C
  • Hardness can be increased above 900Hv by heat treatment
  • Excellent uniformity in coating thickness even on intricate shapes
  • Used to salvage worn out or mis-machined parts
  • Electro less nickel is used by every industry from food industry to military equipment

To know more about this service, send an online enquiry or call our sales team today!

Richport Technology Pte Ltd provides an integrated solution to most of the plating requirements of our customers in Singapore which includes precision engineering, contract manufacturing, metal stamping and automation industries. Recently, we are also moving into the medical and biomedical industries in providing high quality electro-polishing, passivation and cleaning services.

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