Richport Technology Pte Ltd offers Electropolishing Service.

Electropolishing Aluminium and Stainless Steel

Richport Technology Pte Ltd offers Electropolishing Service. Electropolishing is the process of smoothing and brightening metal surfaces anodically in a concentrated acid solution. It is achieved by controlled dissolution of metals using DC current and suitable electrolytes.

We have 2 separate lines, each with 2400L and 6500L volume respectively. Our overhead crane is also capable of handling 3 tons of materials. Companies in Singapore can expect only the best quality work from our state-of-the-art facility and equipment.

Our team is experienced in auxiliary cathode fabrication. They are also knowledgeable on various process controls that are in place during electropolishing. These processes include temperature control and in-house bath analysis, among others.

Features of Electropolishing Service:

  • Improve appearance and reflectivity
  • Improve corrosion resistance
  • Prepare metals for plating, anodizing and other treatments
  • Remove the stressed and disturbed layer of surface metal
  • Inspection method for surface imperfections
  • Lower coefficient of friction
  • Remove edge burrs produced by mechanical tools
  • Simultaneous passivation of surface by dissolving free iron
  • No hydrogen embrittlement problem like other plating

Do you have questions about our service? Please feel free to call us or send an online query.

Richport Technology Pte Ltd provides an integrated solution to most of the plating requirements of our customers which includes precision engineering, contract manufacturing, metal stamping and automation industries. Recently, we are also moving into the medical and biomedical industries in providing high quality electro-polishing, passivation and cleaning services.

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