We are the Flexitank supplier which provided ONE-STOP SERVICE to our customer.


We are the Flexitank supplier which provided ONE-STOP SERVICE to our customer. Material of our Flexitank is 4 Layer PE + 1 Layer PP, it’s strong to protect any products and prevent leaking. Our Flexitank is covered by USD 5 million insurance and has achieved COA, ISO & HACCP Certificate.

Advantages of Flexibags

  • Contain from 16,000L to 24,000L
  • No equipment repositioning or cleaning cost, eliminate risk of cargo contamination
  • Storage and transportation of non-hazardous liquid cargoes and chemical product in 20ft container
  • Easy, safe and lower cost compared with IBC and Drums
  • Low transportation and manpower cost
  • Insurance and Guarantee

Our Services

Engineer support
Experienced in checking & qualifying condition of container
Installation and guidance at loading site

Arrange trucking of empty container for installation, product loading site and port
Weighing can be conducted for empty and laden container

Rework Job
Assist customer to transfer oil from Flexibag to new Flexibag if any leaking is found in Singapore, survey report will submit and claim insurance on behalf
Liaise with overseas agent assist for emergency case if any leaking at overseas, documents and photos will provide to customer as reference

Technical Specifications of Flexibag
Inner Liner Characteristics
Four-ply Co-extrusion Polyethylene Layer : 0.125mm/layer
Tensile Strength: MD(ASTM D638IV at 50mm) : ≥30mpa
Tensile Strength: TD(ASTM D638IV at 50mm) : ≥32mpa
Tear Resistance: MD(ASTM D1004) : ≥120N/MM
Tear Resistance: TD(ASTM D1004) : ≥115N/MM
Puncture Resistance: (ASTM D4833) : ≥1400G
Elongation MD(ASTM D638IV at 50mm) : ≥700%
Elongation TD(ASTM D638IV at 50mm) : ≥750%
Temperature Bearing : -20⁰C – 70⁰C
One Woven PP Film : 210G/sq.m.
Tensile Strength: MD(DIN 53857) : 190DAN/5CM
Tensile Strength: TD(DIN 53857) : 200DAN/5CM
Elongation at Break: MD(DIN 53857) : 14%
Elongation at Break: TD(DIN 53857) : 18%

Applications:Food Products
Flat Beer, Corn Oil, Animal Oils, Olive Oil, Beer Syrup Concentrate, Palm Oil, Jam, Sorbitol, Egg-Liquid, Fish Sauce, Fruit, Juice Concentrate, Milk, Glucose, Dark Soy Sauce, Malt Extract, COCONUT OIL, Water, Sauces, Sugar Syrup

Lube Oils, Water Based Paints, Transformer Oils, Hair Shampoos/Conditioners, White Oils, Mineral Oils, Silicate, Binder, Lanolin, Natural Latex, Tall Oil Fatty Acid, Synthetic Latex, Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Glue, Ti-pure Rutile, paper slurry, Glycol, Optical Brightener, Base Oils, Biodiesel, Detergents, Bituminous, Glycerine, DOP


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