ManuliFluiconnecto Pte Ltd offers a full range of Q.

Quick Couplings

ManuliFluiconnecto Pte Ltd offers a full range of Q.safe Quick Couplings with spare parts and accessories.

This type of hydraulic couplings is manufactured with Cr3 (trivalent chrome) environmental friendly surface coating, exceeding ISO 4520 requirements (salt spray resistance: 240 hours for white corrosion and 400 hours for red corrosion).

We give you Quick Couplings that are made of excellent quality materials. These robust, durable and long lasting couplings feature an outstanding resistance against wear and brinelling as well as improved resistance to pressure impulses. In addition, these products are 100% tested in terms of sealing and connectability.

The Q.Safe Quick Couplings range includes:

  • MQS-A – ISO-A poppet and ball valves couplings
  • MQS-AP – ISO-A under pressure couplings
  • MQS-N – Standard poppet and ball valves couplings
  • MQS-AF – Push-pull couplings
  • MQS-AFP – Push-pull under pressure couplings
  • MQS-VB – Braking circuit valves
  • MQS-VS – Agricultural valves
  • MQS-F – Flat-Face couplings
  • MQS-SG – Screw-type couplings
  • MQS-SC – Screw-type for Hydraulic Cylinders couplings
  • MQS-ST – Screw-type for trucks couplings
  • MQS-CV – Check valves

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