CF-50 is a synthetic oil-based EP/ anti-wear cutting fluid.

RISS CF-50 Tapping & Cutting Fluid

CF-50 is a synthetic oil-based EP/ anti-wear cutting fluid. It is different from other commercial EP fluids in that it does not contain active sulfur, phosphorous or chlorine, which allows it to be used on any metal without fear of staining. Being a non-sulfuric fluid, its sump life is much longer than sulfurized soluble oils. It is also strongly resistant against bacterial growth. CF-50 Cutting Fluid has high operator acceptance because it has low odor, does not irritate the skin and lasts longer.

CF-50 Cutting Fluid has special metal-wetting abilities which permit faster heat transfer. Its higher cooling rate and extra lubricity contributes to superior finishes and good tool life. CF-50 Cutting Fluid is foam resistant and provides rust protection for both the material and machine parts.

CF-50 Cutting Fluid performs more than satisfactorily as a heavy-duty oil and is highly recommended for use on all stainless and high nickel steels as well as the non-ferrous group of copper, brass alloys and aluminium. In addition to all types of machining operations, it has produced outstanding results when used in light gauge stamping.

Typical applications include Tapping, Drilling, Reaming & Threading of Titanium, Stainless Steel, high Nickel Steel, Copper, Brass and Aluminum Alloys


  • Permit faster heat transfer due to special metal wetting abilities
  • Improve surface finishes
  • Closer cutting tolerances
  • Longer tool life
  • Foam resistant feature
  • Non-staining properties
  • No active sulfur, phosphorous or chlorine

Available in two different Packing.

Ready for Use – 1 Pint (473ml)

Refill Bottle – 5 Litres

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