Sophisticatedly designed Handle is available at SS International Engineering.

Southco Concealed Handles and Pulls 67-10, 67-25, 67-27, 67-45, 67-47

Sophisticatedly designed Handle is available at SS International Engineering. It is manufactured using top quality materials ensuring great reliability in different applications. This beautifully crafted Handle has superior strength to support various object or to transmit force that is involved in which operation the Handle serves. It can be attached to different materials wherein it allows that object to be moved by the use of hand or other tools.

Convenience and ease is greatly provided by this extremely rugged handle bar. SS International Engineering offers various types of handle that have excellent ergonomic features. Different specifications and requirements are considered in order to suit different application needs. Uncompromised quality at a very cost effective price is truly manifested by this state-of-the-art Handle.

SS International Engineering holds an extensive range of Handles used for different applications. Our handles include bridge handle, dish handle, foldable bridge handle, L-handle, L-handle latch with keylock, L-handle latch without keylock, pocket pull, pocket pull handle, surface mount finger pull, swing handle, swinghandle –trimline for rod latch and flat rods, and T-handle latch with keylock.


Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Excellent ergonomics and sophisticated designs
  • Effectively match and enhance the appearance of different materials
  • Cost effective with long service life
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Tough and stylish handles
  • Constructed from the finest materials
  • Allow materials to be moved
  • Secure and durable handles used for various materials
  • Superior versatility and ruggedness
  • Guaranteed safety and protection


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