Tsubosan is well known for their quality files.

Tsubosan Engineer’s Files, Die Sinker’s Files, Diamond Files, Air Files and Hardness Testers

Tsubosan is well known for their quality files. They developed new tools that were superior to the sharp-ability, durability and the resistance of facing the edge tools. They are suitable to be used in many sectors. Yip Fung Trading Co carries a wide range of their files, consisting of the Engineer’s Files, Die Sinker’s Files, Diamond Files, Air Files and Hardness Testers.

  • Engineer’s Files: Comes in several shapes including Hand, Half-Round, Round, Square, Triangular, Oval and Flat. Besides the shapes, it also comes in different sizes and roughness.
  • Die Sinker’s Files: Just like Engineer’s Files, they also come in the different shapes, sizes and roughness. And they can be easily recognised with their orange coloured, vinyl chloride material handle.
  • Diamond Files: Comes in various shapes, dimensions and diamond grid numbers. These are combined to polish the surfaces of the hardened metals and ceramics at work. Their handle grips come in different colour, so a worker can easily distinguish each roughness of the diamond file by just looking at the handle grip.
  • Air Files: File works by Air. Carry stock for both Air files and the Air file body. The Air Files comes in standard which is non-coating as well as different types of coating like Ceramics and Titanium.
  • Hardness Tester: The hardness tester is a new innovative way to provide a quick, inexpensive and simple way to check the material hardness. Just perform a few simple steps with this file set (6 files from 40 to 65 HRC) on the piece that needs to be tested, and you can easily check the material hardness.


  • Punching, cutting and embossing hardened steel, ceramics, carbide, glass, plastics, rubbers and porcelain
  • Material removal
  • Industrial and scientific industries
  • Metal mold production
  • Fine finishing and smooth filing

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Superior durability and sharp-ability
  • High resistance of facing the edge tools
  • Available in different shapes, sizes and roughness
  • Provides quick checking of the material’s hardness
  • Cost efficient and easy to use
  • High quality and special materials are used


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