Our company offers Zinc Plating Service.

Zinc Plating Services

Our company offers Zinc Plating Service. Zinc Plating is a sacrificial protective coating when plated on iron or other metals below zinc in galvanic series. In this process, a coating or layer of zinc covers a substrate metal, not only iron but steel and any other substrate metal. Through zinc plating, corrosion of the substrate can be prevented.

Richport Technology has two zinc plating lines for processing materials. Our overhead cranes are capable of handling 3 and 5 tons of items. We also specialize in large components and intricate shapes. There is no impossible job for our trained and experienced experts when it comes to zinc plating.

Process controls are in place whenever materials are being plated with zinc. We make use of out-of-range alarm, in-house bath analysis, and continuous filtration.

Features of Zinc Plating Service

  • Zinc plating can be chromated to clear (light blue), iridescent yellow and black
  • Economical process for corrosion protection
  • RoHS compliance chromates are available for clear, yellow and black

Our zinc plating service is available to companies in Singapore. If you would like to know more about this service, you may send an online query or you may call our team.

Richport Technology Pte Ltd provides an integrated solution to most of the plating requirements of our customers which includes precision engineering, contract manufacturing, metal stamping and automation industries. Recently, we are also moving into the medical and biomedical industries in providing high quality electro-polishing, passivation and cleaning services.

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