CitiSafe Pte Ltd

Blk 20 Woodlands Link #06-12, Singapore 738733

Established since 2007, Citisafe Pte Ltd is one of the leading gas detector supplier in Singapore and specializing in the sale of occupational safety and hygiene instrumentation while also providing full service, calibration and rental of instruments to clients based on operational needs. Our goal is to become the leading provider of outstanding leading-edge occupational health and safety products and services within Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Our company does not solely put our focus on the distribution of these products. We also have professionals who offer consulting for the installation, customization, and the maintenance of the following:

  • RAE systems
  • Air distribution systems
  • Sound level measurement
  • Gas detection and monitoring systems
  • Alarm & beacons

While we take pride in the quality of our products, we understand that after sales service is the key to our customer’s satisfaction and safety!  Our technicians are factory trained, certified, and come with experience in our entire range of product.  Ensuring our clients have full confidence in the accuracy and operation of their potentially lifesaving instruments.

Our Brands

  • ACD - Calibration Gas Generator, High Purity Calibration Gas, Chlorine Dioxide Generators
  • AIR SYSTEMS - Breathing Air Filtration & Confined Space Equipment, Safety Equipment, Supplied Air Respirator
  • ARIZONA INSTRUMENT - Mercury Vapor Analyzer, Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer, Mercury Analyzers
  • BACHARACH - Test & Instrumentation for HVAC & Refrigerant Gases, Combustion Analyzers
  • CAC GAS AND INSTRUMENTATION - Specialty Gas Mixtures, Cylinders & Regulators, Gas Control Systems, Gas Distribution Systems, Calibration/Bump Test Stations, Sampling Systems & Gas Generators
  • CALGAZ - High Purity Calibration Gas, Gas Cylinders, Gas Equipment, Aluminium & Steel Gas Cylinder
  • CIRRUS - Noise Measurement Instrument, Sound Level Meters, Noise Dosimeter, Noise Monitoring System
  • CRITICAL ENVIRONMENT TECH - Gas Controller, Gas Detector, Remote Devices And Peripherals, Indoor Air Quality Monitors
  • E2S - Electronic Sounders, Voice Annunciators, Sirens, Beacons, Hooters, Audible & Visual Alarms
  • GAMMA-SCOUT - Geiger Counters & Radiation Detectors, Radiation Monitors, Portable Radiation Detector Dosimeter
  • GDS TECHNOLOGIES - Fixed Gas Sensors, Toxic, Flammable, Controller & Alarms, Gas Detector, LEL, Combustible Detector
  • HONEYWELL ANALYTICS - Portable Gas Detection, Industrial Gas Systems, Flame Detection, Commercial Building Solutions, High Tech And Government Systems & Wireless Gas Detection
  • QUANTIFIT - Respirator Fit Testing, Safety Equipment, Fire Fighting Equipment Testing, Quantitative Fit Test
  • RAE SYSTEMS - Gas Detectors, Wireless Gas Detectors, Single Gas Detectors, Multi Gas Detectors,Fixed Gas Detectors
  • SAFER SYSTEMS - Chemical Emergency Response Solutions, Plume Modelling Software, Real Time Risk Assessment
  • SEMEATECH - Electrochemical Sensors, Sensor Modules, Radiation Detection & NDIR Sensors
  • TROLEX - Hazardous Area Explosion Proof Connector, Exd Connector, Ex Electrical & Electronic Connectors
  • HEATH CONSULTANTS INCORPORATED - Portable Gas Leak Detectors, Leak Survey Instruments, Remote Methane Leak Detector(IS or NON-IS)
  • WELKER - Constant Pressure Calibration Cylinder

Our Products

CitiSafe Pte Ltd
Blk 20 Woodlands Link #06-12
Singapore 738733